We understand that the corporate world can be a demanding and stressful environment. We also know that time is a valuable commodity and making time to train can be a challenge. To solve this corporate puzzle Off The Ropes have developed an 8-week mobile programme, which brings our trainers into your working environment, gloves and all.

These sessions are fantastic personally for physical and mental fitness but when teams attend they find the demands of the training are invaluable for their growth and cohesiveness. We can also train individuals or groups for white collar boxing nights. Below is an example of an eight-week in-reach programme;

Boxing has made such a positive change to my life over the past year. Not only has the physical training and the healthier lifestyle made me lose weight, but the mental discipline of boxing and being coached by Ashley and Warren to maintain that discipline while training and sparring have helped me deal with the stress that everyday life can throw at you. It’s a fantastic way to help deal with modern day pressures.

I can’t recommend getting involved in this initiative enough.

Martin Broad


Week 1-2

Weeks 1-2 is about building confidence in the clients and ensuring they feel supported by our team. During this period we will lay out the structure of sessions and how they will work over the coming weeks. We are sensitive to the range of abilities of users within the structure of a class and work flexibly with clients to ensure those attending feel comfortable with the demands of the class.


Week 3-4

In weeks 3-4 our team will start to teach the foundations of the craft of boxing. We work from the ground up looking at footwork, movement, boxing stance and then into learning the basic techniques of throwing punches and defending punches. Throughout these sessions and ongoing we start to build cardiovascular and core fitness through circuits and exercises.


Week 5-6

Through weeks 5-6 users continue to build on the boxing training foundations by working more on technical aspects of this art. While skills improve we continue to push personal fitness levels and do increasing partner work to foster an enjoyable team environment.


Week 7-8

In the final weeks 7-8, we consolidate the training methods and continue to work on improving fitness levels. Using validated psychological measures, as well as scores of physical fitness we provide objective measures to help our users see the progress they have made.

If you would like to explore Off The Ropes coming into your company, please contact us.